Wing Chung is considered one of the most advanced martial arts in the world. A Central Martial Art with 600 years development, Wing Chung was born in the core of Buddhism and Taoism, but utilizes theories of physics and biomechanics, likely from a martial art of the 21st century.
Wing Chung contemplates all the possibilities of the human body in the effective protection of oneself and our center. It formulates Reality in terms of SEE: simplicity, economy and efficiency through the center of the human world.

The intelligent use of the triangle, spiral and linear structures makes it an unbeatable choice for men and women alike.

A Science of self defense, the Wing Chung system explores simplicity and efficiency in the physical and mental space of the individual.

It was practiced by the legendary Bruce Lee; it became the nucleus of his Jeet Kune Do, and stayed always as one of his favorite martial arts. Modern Wing Chung includes the classical version, and adds all the modern fighting possibilities in the centerfield :
Grappling, Striking, Sticking and Weaponry, in upright positions, sitting, lying on the ground, with single and multiple opponents, without varying it’s basic laws and scientific principles of protection and domain of the central space.

Wing Chung is most famous for its “Centerline Theory”, stressing economy of motion and the sensitivity of both arms and legs in the central space. Its unique sticking and dynamic strength drills allow generating power from any position.

As a Self Development System, (SDS), SDS- Wing Chung teaches you how to relax, be more free, become progressively a more deep individual, aware of the present moment , living from your Center, as a source of mental an physical power and knowledge, available for your daily living.
In SDS we study both the traditional - classical version ( wing chun) and it’s contemporary evolution ( Wing Chung with a “G” ), emphasizing the “center” as a scientific approach of mental and physical growth in the world of human combat and conflict.:

SDS Wing Chung includes in it’s training:
• Simultaneous Physical and Mental training
• Chinese forms, sensitivity exercises and explosive power development.
• Wooden dummies, bags, air shields and kicking posts
• Long and short weapons, both traditional and modern
• Cross training with Boxing, Grappling and urban weapons
• Psychology and applied Groupal theories
• Motivation y and tutorial follow up

The Wing Chung System was practiced by Bruce Lee for it?s rationality, simplicity and efficiency, and is still chosen today by thousands of men and women around the world.

The “Theory of the Center Field” is the unique method of SDS Wing Chung: the result of hundreds of years of studying scientifically the ideals of simplicity, economy and efficiency applied to the human brain and body.

When we refer to Wing Chung, we address a center martial art with almost 600 years of investigation in China.

The results of training Wing Chung are seen from the first months. Estimated time of learning spans from 6 to 8 years to fully master the complete system.

What distinguishes Wing Chung from other martial arts methods?
Wing Chung economizes movements and actions in order to win confrontations, learning efficient arm and leg manoeuvres in the Central Space, seeking maximum results in minimum time. Power is multiplied with the use of intelligence

In the classes we use several different equipments (Helmets, body protections, boxing and kicking bags and shields, wooden dummy, etc) so you can have a high level of intensity and experience with maximum security measures and injury free training .

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